Pots to Put Things In

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These beautiful 'Pots to Put Things In' are made by the wonderfully talented artist Beatrice von Preussen. They are a  timeless and unique take on the jam jar shape and have endless possibilities. Hand made in England from Slip cast Earthenware they make lovely vases or storage jars for the kitchen or just about anywhere in the house. We lkove them for presents, but somehow we always end up finding a use for them at home. They are an item to treasure.

Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

All Pots excluding 'Kitchen' are £32.

Celery, 1 Pint, 15cm x 8cm, Shells, 1 pint, 14cm x 9cm, Small Items With No Official Home, 1 pint, 14cm x 9cm, Garden Flowers, 1 Pint, 15cm x 8cm, Sticks, 1 pint, 14cm x 9cm, Loose Change, 1 pint, 14cm x 9cm, Kitchen, 2 pints, 18cm x 10cm, £36


Pots to Put Things In
Pots to Put Things In Pots to Put Things In Pots to Put Things In
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